MdA becomes FKC Schweiz AG

Switzerland not only has Swiss knives, the Matterhorn and cheese fondue to offer, but in the beautiful city of Basel, the traditional company MdA Business Communications (MdA), founded in 1992, is also resident. From 2018, MdA will be the Swiss location of one of the most successful German companies in the field of e-learning: FKC - Fischer, Knoblauch und Co.

On the 25th business anniversary MdA and FKC met each other. Both high-quality agencies for e-learning and adequate partners in their services. MdA is the new international mainstay of the FKC Group. FKC is thus expanding within Europe and now has an extended Basel location in addition to Munich and Frankfurt.

Synergies and added value are created by a growing team in Switzerland, new topics, additional sectors, high-quality, modern offers in the field of mobile learning and a special focus on didactic preparation of complex topics for easy-to-understand e-learning units. MdA brings projects, experience and know-how from the pharmaceutical, chemical and logistics sectors - FKC from the automotive, finance and electrical engineering sectors. Together, they cover almost the entire industry with a variety of topics and become the real "general agency" for e-learning. There are hardly any other e-learning agencies in the German-speaking world that have a similarly broad coverage of topics and sectors. In addition, through the merger of the two companies, customer orders can be processed with the power of around 75 permanent employees and an established network of partner agencies.

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FKC Schweiz AG
Unterer Rheinweg 86
CH-4057 Basel

Phone: +41 61 273 44 66
Fax: +41 61 273 44 68

Email: info [at] fkc-online [dot] ch